Owner: Roma
Program Used: Photoshop cs3
Featuring: Shawn Mendes
Hosted By: Jess
Stylesheet By: sky-ninja
Site Originated: 26/06/18
Site Opened: 07/07/18
Version: 2
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About Me

Hi, I'm Roma, 28 years old as with most with pages my website history goes back quite a bit. I first started using Piczo when i was 14 then i went onto ( after a couple of years i decided to get hosted ( i loved making graphics and providing resources for people, i made alot of friends some of whom i still talk to now.

however back in 2014 i had a little boy and could no longer keep the site open and closed it down, i just recently got a laptop and thought you know what i miss making graphics, so here i am once again making graphics and resources and i look forward to getting to know people on the site world xxx

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