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Site Originated: 26/06/18
Site Opened: 07/07/18
Version: 2
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hey everyone, hope your week is going well so far.

i have added 1 new coded layout for download - its my first layout of the avengers with a slight difference
i have also added a past layouts page more so that i can keep track of what i have already done lol

So over the next few days im going to be without my laptop, my friend desperately needs to use it for work purposes so i will be unable to update until at least friday possibly saturday, i will try to respond to all messages using my phone. and will keep people posted on whats happening, but my friends work is hugely important and my laptop is required to help her fulfil her job.

i hope everyone likes what they have seen so far i will add more content over time.
plus when i had my original site i made over 70 tutorial videos so will add those links aswell

anyways speak soon xx
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Posted on 17 Jul 2018 by fadedsecrets

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